Papercouture in Paris

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Paris, je t’aime.

Being asked to do a commission is always exciting but being invited to join a team in Paris to create and showcase a Papercouture gown with the paper magnat Delfort Group as part of the Pharmapak Trade Fair at the Porte de Versaille exhibition centre was amazing.

I wanted the dress design to show variations of folded paper to represent the company’s production of paper for leaflets in packaging and preparations for the dress were intense. For transportation reasons the shape had to be narrow so it needed to be extensively layered which was quite an extraordinary work process and posed a challenge because however many layers I created, it still looked too flat and only 2D. The slightly more 3D effect came later by adding extra folded corners on each folded paper section. But the end result was more than I could have wished for.


Freya von BulowPapercouture in Paris

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