Marie Antoinette – A State of Undress

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A State of Undress | Freya von Bulow

Back in August I was asked to participate in the Guerilla Fashion Show in Brighton and although knee deep in preparations for Brighton Fashion Week I couldn’t resist being distracted and since it was for Charity, I created a one off Papercouture performance piece. The idea was to make a decadent gown and have it ripped to shreds on stage and call it:

“Marie Antoinette – A State of Undress”

The outcome looked amazing with one epic gown and 3 girls dressed in chambermaids’ outfits complete with paper aprons, little paper chokers and headpieces taking to the stage as if aiding Marie Antoinette back to her chambers after a night of Royal frivolities and instead of gently helping her out of her dress they tear it apart and throw the paper bits around as if in a huge pillow fight … The party wasn’t over….

Many thanks to Malcolm Tam ( for the great photos who also suggested to attach a small camera to the costume of one of the chambermaids for close up action footage, with great results.

Also, thanks to Skye de la Mare and Zoë van Spyk for getting me involved in a fantastic evening which raised a lot of money for Clocktower Sanctuary, a charity helping young homeless people.

Freya von BulowMarie Antoinette – A State of Undress

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