Cécile – Ghost of a Courtesan

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We absolutely adore Christmas, it’s a time of cheer and twinkling lights and presents but there is also a dark side to it, sadness lurking in the shadows of candlelight. May we introduce Cécile the Courtesan, our Papercouture Christmas window display for Nelson House Antiques, Hastings Old Town High Street this year.

The former Parisian socialite and mistress to a golden string of wealthy lovers fell in love herself but tragically the object of her affection, a young Austrian Prince, was killed in a duel initiated by a jealous admirer of hers. Cécile died shortly after of a broken heart and her veiled ghost still appears in full mourning garments, lamenting her lost love.

A very sad story indeed.

Merry Christmas.













Freya von BulowCécile – Ghost of a Courtesan

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