Brighton Fashion Week Paper Couture Success Story

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Papercouture Collection Final Gown|FreyavonBulow

Team Freya von Bulow rocked at Brighton Fashion Week’s Showreel Showcase 2014

It was the most daunting but also most rewarding moment when all  fourteen paper couture outfits of my ‘I Dream Of Apocalypse’ collection were shown in the stunning hall of the Masonic Centre, Queens Rd, Brighton last weekend. This was the first time ever the Masons have opened their doors to a public event and the venue was truly awe inspiring: wooden panelling, black and white tiled floors, domed inscripted ceiling and beautiful acoustics made it a fitting backdrop to a spectacular Showreel showcase.

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It was an epic undertaking getting all dresses over to Brighton, doing fittings while scheduling last minute rehearsals, getting the elaborate make up and hair done in time for not only one but two performances on the night. And the 30 minute interval only left the models with just enough time for a quick breather before they were strapped, stapled, glued and bustled back into their costumes depicting the development of humans after an Apocalypse into Survivors, Warriors, New Technology & Advanced Industrialisation, a New Hierarchy with a Vain Elite & a Supreme Being with her Personified Ego.

Easy! …

The show got a lot of attention and was well received … so what now? All dresses are piled into my front room and I will wait for a nice evening to film them being torched on the beach: after all it’s just paper!

And then back to the studio because when I went to London Fashion Week recently I met the inspired stylist Angelo Mitakos at and we are planning a nice little paper project together with über-talented photographer Jaroslav Scholtz at … let’s see the magic unfold.

Freya von BulowBrighton Fashion Week Paper Couture Success Story

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