Brighton Fashion Week 2014

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Brighton Fashion Week 2014 | Freya von Bulow

Freya von Bulow Papercouture Premiere for the Showreel Showcase at Brighton Fashion Week 2014

I can’t believe it is happening this Sunday, my first ever collection for Brighton Fashion Week and I am working 12 hours a day in my studio at the moment to finish it off…

An epic 14 outfit collection in Paper titled “I Dream of Apocalypse”, it charts 4 different stages of human survival after an Apocalypse starting with the

Survivors (moments after the Apocalypse)

Arising from the ashes, our models find themselves battered, confused and alone. Surrounded by destruction, they pick their way through the wreckage of the world, often stumbling, aiding each other along the way, to ultimately stand and be counted as Survivors.


The Warriors are resourceful, strong and ready to defend, always on the move, functioning on pure instinct. They are wide eyed and alert, pacing with erratic movements and on the look/out for potential threats as they travel.

New Technology

The evolution towards sophisticated technology is rapid as this new wave of human machine will demonstrate. There is no human touch, each individual is wrapped up in their own computerized environment.

Vain Elite

Survival of the fittest has created a hierarchy and we meet the glorious self-obsessed elite who ultimately bow to the Supreme Being, a new magnificent Superhuman and her Personified Ego, presiding over this New World.

Phew …

So if you have nothing better to do, pop down to the:

Showreel Showcase
Sunday, 12th October 2014
Sussex Masonic Centre
25 Queen’s Road
Brighton, BN1 3YH

For all my esteemed followers there is a 20% discount off tickets for all BFW shows and events. Head to and enter code bfw1072.

See you there, I am off to the studio now!

Freya von BulowBrighton Fashion Week 2014

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